To play a crucial role in designing and developing overall policy direction to the Engineering Sector through identifying core competencies, macro-economic environment, tariff and non tariff business conditions through close interaction in-house and with different government departments and stakeholders.

Working Mechanism

The major source of inputs includes that of Sector Development Group’s sectoral reports and tariff section proposals on various industrial sectors.

Sector development group to provide its up to date studies on various sectors.

Policy Development Group Processes

  • An in-depth review and SWOT analysis of identified sectors.
  • Comprehensive analysis of identified sectors with focus on issues related to R & D, technology development, capacity enhancement, human resource, etc.
  • To identify potential for both domestic and Foreign Direct Investment(FDI).
  • Identification of un-competitive, rigid and out modeled policy areas for selected sectors.
  • Historical analysis, current and future policies of regional and competing countries on tariff and non-tariff issues.
  • To consult tariff section on tariff implications in various sectors to analyze the distortions, anomalies, bottlenecks in organic growth and to propose solutions.
  • Policy development group to recommend certain policy initiatives through interaction and continuous dialogue with industry.
  • A review of the key financial parameters, of the government to base policy decisions on financial support that it is prepared to give to sectors.
  • Recommendations / proposals to the Government for policy initiatives and decisions regarding targeted sectors.
  • To identify the need of cluster approach and propose measures to move economy from factor driven to investment driven stage.
  • Regular evaluation of policy decisions, performance evaluation, targets and environment set by the government.
  • To market policy initiatives, developed through above processes, with departments involved directly or in directly on issues having implication on the industry.
  •  To communicate and up date Pakistan’s missions abroad on the policy decisions and inviting their attention where necessary.
  • To set / monitor sectoral targets and conduct policy impact analysis.