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Sector: Surgical and Medical Instruments/machinery

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K.T Surgico (Pvt) Ltd. was incorporated 25 years ago as a manufacturer of quality Surgical and Dental Instruments including scissors of all sorts and has successfully supplied the very best Quality Surgical/Dental Instruments around the world. K.T Surgico (Pvt) Ltd. is G.M.P Qualified, Certified by ISO 9001 & CE mark.

Contact :
  Khalid Mahmood
Address:  P.o Box. 1830 , Rang Pura Sialkot
Phone: +92-52-4583501
Website : www.ktsurgico.com

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Product Line: Diagnostic, Anesthesia, Trocars, General Instruments, Suture, Plaster, Bone Surgery, Lung Surgery, Cardiovascular, Neuro Surgery, Opthalmology, Otology, Rhinology, Oral instruments, Tonsil, Esophagoscopy, Trachcotomy, Gotre, Orthopedic, Dermatology, Root Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Chisels & Gouges, Bone Files, Periosteal Elevators, Bone Curettes, Needle Holders, Retractors, Cutting instruments, Gum Scissors, Scalers, Excavators, Cement Spatulas, Filling instruments, Rubber Dam Punch, Saliva Ejectors, Crown Scissors, Pliers for Orthodontics.

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