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Sector: Surgical and Medical Instruments/machinery

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During world war second our Forefathers blacksmith made Metal based products for supply to British Defence Department. Having got Freedom from British regime, We started Manufacturing of Surgical, Dental and Orthodontic Instruments etc on local basis and this range gone on till 1992. After acquiring technical know-how and acumen we founded our works under the name and style of "FAIBA INTERNATIONAL" and having equipped it with High Precision Machinery, Dental Instruments & Orthodontic Pliers in Particular and Surgical , Beauty and Veterinary Instruments in general of International Standard and specification as per goods Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) being duly registered with the F.D.A. US Health Department USA since 1996, Quality System ISO-9001:2000 Certified and CE mark Registered since 1998,Our Company ensure ranking Quality product and gain due appreciation in the alien market. In pursuance of the Innovation FAIBA INTERNATIONAL firmly commit to meet the needs of alien Customers with the uniform quality product under full Guarantee of Excellent Performance of all instruments so shown in this Digital Catalog. The trade MOTO of Faiba International is “COMMITTED TO PRODUCE UNIQUE QUALITY AT MODERATE PRICES”

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Phone: 052-3255291
Website : www.faibaint.com

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Product Line: Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Hospital Items, Scissors, Measuring Instruments, ENT Sets, Otoscopes, Pliers, Forceps, Trays, Orthodontic Instruments,

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