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Sector: Surgical and Medical Instruments/machinery

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Fairmount Industries ( Pvt ) Ltd. established in 1958 and was based on ideology of the word "FAIR" which we used for fair dealing in every aspect of business just to establish and promote our business. It was period of manual skill used for the quality production according to the requirements of our worthy Manufacturers - Cum - importers buyers. During the past 40 years we kept to maintain the standard of our instruments and we successfully promoted our business to a remarkable target , so in 1997 we in the mechanical age qualified for cG.M.P (F.D.A) U.S.A. whereas we attained the status of international quality standard of DIN EN-46002 - ISO-9002 from M/S.T.U.V Germany against its NO. 01 105 100539 which assisted us to improve quality. We also attained the CE. Marking certificate in 1998 from Medical Devices Agency. All the applicable elements of DIN EN-46002 - ISO-9002 System have been implemented in all spheres of the factory. Work is performed in accordance with written and approved procedures. This including production, operation, maintenance, product quality control, sales and dispatch, marketing and administration, training etc. Our motto is to serve our worthy buyers from the global markets with national and international standard of DIN EN-46002 - ISO - 9002.

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Phone: 052-4263082,4263582
Website : www.fair-mount.com

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Product Line: Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Scissors

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