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Sector: Surgical and Medical Instruments/machinery

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Adson deals in manufacturing and distribution of Surgical, Dental and Veterinary Instruments and Manicure Implements. The company provide instruments according to the individual specification to fulfill the personal requirement and need strictly in accordance with the international specifications.

Contact :
  M. Sajjad
Address:  P.O.Box:1635, Chah Jattan Sialkot
Phone: +92-52-3596476
Website : www.adsonpak.com

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Product Line: Diagnostics, "Percussion Hammers", Scalpel Handles & Knives, Operating Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Bandage & Utility Scissors, Micro / Dressing / Tissue Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Sinus / Dressing Forceps, Needle Holders / Towel Clamps / Sponge Holding, Probes / Directors & General Instruments, Bone Rongeurs & Bone Cutting Surgical: Forceps, Otology and Other Instruments, Rhinology, "Nasal Specula", Tracheotomy and other Instruments Gynecology, "Vaginal Specula", Gynecology, "Uterine Dilators & Sounds". Dental: Extracting Forceps, Root Elevators, Amalgam Instruments & Syringes, Rubber Dam Instruments Crown Instruments, Calipers & Scalpel Handles, Needle Holders, Scallers / Probes / Files / Explorers & Nerve Instruments, Mouth Mirrors & Handles and Wax, Porcelain, Modelling Carvers, Tooth Tweezers and Impression Trays, Gum, Wire & Plate Scissors, Pliers.

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